Summer in the office.


MowHammer here with some news.

We have now released our fourth update for Ultimate Fight Manager. It took more time that we had anticipated but it’s finally out! The update included the fight schedule where you can find all your upcoming fights also the fights that has recently ended. We also gave the fight algorithm a tweak, we are almost there where we can get more accurate results. We are going to keep working on improving it until it’s excellent.


Spanner & Spellbook is moving along great! We are still balancing the game and testing it out. Are main focus with the game is to have it easy to play but hard to master, but the most important thing is that it needs to be fun.

We are also working at giving the player feedback when something happens. We think this is a crucial step to create a good experience for our test group.

S and S



Back in the game.


MowHammer here, fresh of my vacation! Both me and Crylar are now back in the office and ready to work hard.

I have had a great time in Portugal I thought I would hate the beach but it was actually pretty pleasant.

Right now we are working on balancing the tactics so it’s playable. We have finally chosen a name for the game, Spanner & Spellbook.


We want 32 bit style graphics to the game so we have been working on that too! It has not been easy creating it Unreal Engine. But we are getting there.


We have also been working on Ultimate Fight Manager. We have completed the fight schedule. It will be used to track all your upcoming fights. Currently we are creating the end-result screen.

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That’s all from me hope you all have a great summer!