Gravity is more attractive than you’d think

So we went and bought the latest edition of the Swedish PC Gamer, wherein Orbital Gear was featured.

20140423 151438 300x225 Gravity is more attractive than youd think

The article, writen by Mats Nylund, was a great read, especially since it was writen in such a positive tone!

Crylar is working on some cool new features such as the ghost planet and some cool explosions/implosions. He’s quite overwhelmed with work at the moment with maps and everything else that needs to be finished, but hopefully we’ll be able to get someone to help him out soon.
ghost planet 300x143 Gravity is more attractive than youd think

Apart from that development is still coming along nicely. No real update on when the beta is ready, but most features are working now, which means that it shouldn’t be many days away now.

Orbital Gear has been Greenlit!

We are happy to announce that Orbital Gear Has been Greenlit for release on Steam!
This has been a huge milestone for us, and we are really excited to see how Orbital Gear will be recieved.

Greenlit 300x100 Orbital Gear has been Greenlit!

We are still working on the beta, but it shouldn’t be long now. Remember to sign up here!

Steam Greenlight and development news

So our Steam Greenlight is going pretty well. We are currently at place 5 out of 1637 articles on Greenlight. In total we have about 10000 yes votes for Orbital Gear, which is really good. Hopefully we will be Greenlit soon and then we will add achievements and trading cards for Steam.

Skärmbild 69 249x300 Steam Greenlight and development news

As of now all development is directed towards getting the beta version ready for testing, as we have to find bugs and other errors so that the game can be released in time. Remember to sign up for the beta at

2014 april8 sid11 300x168 Steam Greenlight and development news

We’ve also been testing some utilities and tweaking the weapons, now some of the utilities will actually work. Again, these are just some of the things being fixed for the beta.

Skärmavbild 2014 03 27 kl. 14.51.22 300x225 Steam Greenlight and development news

We also bought Shader Forge, a Unity asset that according to Crylar is pretty darn awesome. Now we’ll have more control over graphics and ability to make cool effects and it will basically make everything else much easier. Crylar has just about started to get the feel of it, but since all focus is on the beta at the moment, we’ll be able to see the results of Shader Forge in a few weeks.

first shader forge shader 300x252 Steam Greenlight and development news

Orbital Gear Weapons

We have been working with some of the weapons design. Mostly we aim to use them in a weapon reel for the upcomming trailer, but they will also be put in the game for presentation when browsing the weapon list. These are four of the twelve weapons in Orbital Gear:

Pulse Rifle

Pulse Rifle – Indie DB
The Pulse Rifle fires energy orbs that explodes on impact. Its projectile also has a tail that damages any opponent traveling through it. 

Hornets in Orbital Gear – Indie DB
The Hornet is a rocket launcher that fires homing missiles. It is not that powerful but still enough to finish off wounded enemies.

Orbital Gear Chaingun – Indie DB
No shooter would be complete without the ability to rain down thousands of bullets on your opponent. The Chain Gun does just that.

Nail Gun
Nail Gun – Indie DB
The Nail Gun can shoot down projectiles and knock back enemies. Average speed but high impact damage, it’s one perfect weapon for defense as well as offence.

We’re working on getting the game ready for beta and will hopefully have it available for testing soon.


We have been working with a new 3D GUI, which will soon be in place. This will allow for easier picking of weapons and utilities, something that we noticed at the alpha testing were a source of much frustration.

The new GUI will also be much more adapted for Utilities, which we have been working with for the last weeks. We have yet to test most of them, so we wont give away what they are just yet (since sometimes they sound good but can’t be used because the unbalance the game).

As you can see on the picture, we have yet to add the deploy button and utilities, but it’s in the making. We also have a main meny mockup here to give you an idea of what it will look like.

IMG 25022014 125840 300x168 3D GUIIMG 25022014 135200 300x168 3D GUI



Upgrade Complete

Hello again. We’re back!

1782136 197408787136163 1506807789 n Upgrade Complete

Some stuff has happened since our last post. Perhaps the most important thing is that we have moved to a new office. We’re still located in Uppsala, actually just a few blocks from where we were seated before. But this time it’s our very own office.
Mowhammer explained for the Uppsala municipal office that we would have to move Night Node to Stockholm if we couldn’t find an office in Uppsala. After that they set us up with an office pretty quickly. I guess they want us to stay.
The new office is really nice and now we’re going to establish our own workplace culture. Yesterday we moved everything and has almost finished setting up again. Now we just need to establish a Internet connection and remove the logo of the previous company which is painted on the wall. After that our Night Node realm will be complete.
In other news; we’ve been in the news! Mats Nylund wrote an article for, one of the biggest gaming website in Sweden. The article was about our alpha version of Orbital Gear, and was quite a good read. It’s partly because the review said a lot of nice things about the game and he saw a great potential in it, and partly because it’s been our childhood dreams to have such a huge site publish an article about a game made by us. You can read all about it here (it’s in Swedish though).

Apart from that we won an award! Yay!
It’s called Bona Postulata, and is awarded to growing companies in Uppsala. We haven’t gotten any explanation for why they picked us yet, but we will probably get one soon. Anyway, the award will be in the form of getting help with company management through education and connections.
All in all we feel we’re on a winning streak right now!

Stay hyped!

The second coming of the stream plus news!

Hey y’all!

We had our second stream today and it was as fun as the first. We didn’t feel as nervous as the first one even though we had a camera pointing at us this time. So we are making progress with our stage fright ^^ and this time we managed to save the stream so you can watch it again and again xD During the stream we got two fan art pictures!

BfO5Gq8CMAMnhqr 234x300 The second coming of the stream plus news! BfO7QQaCcAAKiqK 234x300 The second coming of the stream plus news!


Thanks to Thomas Karlsson and Johan Kalén for the pictures we had a good laugh with them.

Here is the link for the stream

We also had a little pre-stream that you can watch here

And now it’s time for the news!

We have secured another small investment that will help a little along the way to get Orbital Gear into the hands of gamers all over the world! One more thing worth mentioning is that we are hopefully moving into a new office this weekend what I mean with hopefully is that we tought we got the office we wanted but they called up us later and said that they had other people that has looked at it before us so now we have our fingers crossed that they decline and we can move in.



That’s it for us! Thank you everyone that joined the stream we will see you next week!



We had our first stream on twitch today! We peaked with 19 viewers watching and five of them where us ^_^

Streaming something looks easier that it seems, especially when you are five people who are in the stream at the same time. It was a little bit of a nerve racking experience for all of us. It was a fun experience and something we definitely do every Thursday from now on.

We only broadcasted for an hour and at the end of the stream we started to relax more and got into explaining the development side of the game and showing how the levels where created. If there is something that you want us to talk more about or explain please don’t hesitate telling us, just hit us up on either twitter, facebook or send an email.

We can’t wait until next Thursday! Hope to see you there!