I can’t believe it. It’s almost time for a vacation.

MowHammer here!

So I am literally hours away from going on my grand vacation. It feels kinda weird going on vacation when it’s your own company but I think it’s a good idea to miss something you love doing. You might be asking where are you going MowHammer? Well a friend of mine who is also a game developer is getting married and I have been invited to his weeding in Portugal.

I am definitely not the person who enjoys the beach but luckily for me there is a holiday inn nearby the place I am staying so most of my time will be spent there.

Before I go, I would like to leave you with a little update on what’s going in the world of Night Node Software.

Crylar is coming back from his vacation on Thursday so I hope he will get to work on on making some cool characters for our tactics game and some UI gfx for UFM.

About UFM we are currently creating a end-result screen and working on the fight algorithm.

It’s taking shape right now as we speak. I can’t wait to see all of the results when I get back.



MMA, Spells and vacation.

Hey! It’s me MowHammer!

Finally it has not been that long between posts and yet I have had some time to go on a little mini-vacation. I went to the Swedish west coast and it was great, the ocean was beautiful.


I feel like a have recharged my batteries and ready to get stuff done. Crylar has also gone on vacation and he will be back next week. According to many sources he has been playing a lot of Overwatch.

What has happened since the last time you might wonder. We have finally released our logocreator. It was cursed with a few security bugs that’s why it has taken a bit longer than expected.


Unfortunately our servers have been attacked a lot and we are currently looking into changing our server stack.

When it comes to our new tactics game we have been working on creating spells and skills for all the characters. It has been a fun process to come up with all the different type of skills for the characters and it has really been a breeze creating them. The problem is that Crylar is on vacation so we don’t have any animations connected to the spells and skills yet. We eagerly await his return!


Well that’s it for me this time! Hope to have more to show you from our tactics game and Ultimate Fight manager soon!

Have a great summer!


Latest game.

Hello Humans! Mowhammer here with some updates!

We are off to a great start with our new latest project and working on creating a alpha version. We can’t wait to get people to try it out and see there responses.

Something that is hard but fun is the 32 bit style of graphics we are creating.


Like Orbital Gear we want our new tactics game to be easy to play but hard to master.


Right now we are having a blast trying to come up with skills to include into the game and setting up the ruleset of the game. We are also creating characters for the game until they are ready are we using the Bell Ringer characters as placeholder until Crylar get’s them done.

That’s all from me this time. Catch you later!