Orbital Gear Weapons

We have been working with some of the weapons design. Mostly we aim to use them in a weapon reel for the upcomming trailer, but they will also be put in the game for presentation when browsing the weapon list. These are four of the twelve weapons in Orbital Gear:

Pulse Rifle

Pulse Rifle – Indie DB
The Pulse Rifle fires energy orbs that explodes on impact. Its projectile also has a tail that damages any opponent traveling through it. 

Hornets in Orbital Gear – Indie DB
The Hornet is a rocket launcher that fires homing missiles. It is not that powerful but still enough to finish off wounded enemies.

Orbital Gear Chaingun – Indie DB
No shooter would be complete without the ability to rain down thousands of bullets on your opponent. The Chain Gun does just that.

Nail Gun
Nail Gun – Indie DB
The Nail Gun can shoot down projectiles and knock back enemies. Average speed but high impact damage, it’s one perfect weapon for defense as well as offence.

We’re working on getting the game ready for beta and will hopefully have it available for testing soon.