New game, new tasks.

Yo! MowHammer here with an update on what’s going on in the world of Night Node.

I have recently started to work on the marketing plan for our new game. So i have been trying to read up as much as possible on how to market a indie game.

I also have been sweeping the internet for press lists. It’s amazing that how kind the people in the indie community are. Sharing all kinds of knowledge, press lists, tips and tricks.

Now I am waiting for Crylar to create some promotional assets for the game so I can create a presskit and later send out a press-release.

The development process for the new game has been going good so far. If I would have compared it to the development of Bell Ringer it’s like night and day. We are staying close to our deadlines and no major hiccups to report so far and the basics of the game are now done. What we are doing now is to balance the game, adding graphical feedback and creating some characters.

We also have been working on Ultimate Fight Manager too! Our main priority is to fix the fight algorithm. Trying to create a tool so we can simulate many fights and change the stats on the fly. That will help us to find out what the problem is.

Well that’s it from me.