One less lead designer.

So today our lead designer aka GFX guy got sick 🙁 It’s funny how the mood of the office changes when one person is away. Time has gone by much slower today without Crylar. So we can’t wait to have him back in the office working on the game and making it beautiful.

Get better soon Crylar!



Maybe this video will help out! it’s both cute and educational.

Project Gravity Update.

Oh hello again.

Last week right about when we were leaving the office we got the multiplayer up and running 🙂 It’s far from done but it’s fun to see that you can play against each other. There is a lot of work to be done before we can release any kind of playable content to the public, but that day will come.

Here is a video of Binarin and Crylar trying out the multiplayer.

Today we have tried out the game with a controller and it feels great! Both Mowhammer and Crylar are huge console gamers so that was a little childhood dream of theirs to play the game they made make with a ps3 controller.



No case of the Mondays here 😀

Trying out the new updates!

So we have been working hard to get the Mech to work in the game and we have finally got it to work ^_^ No more cube! It’s so rad how everything changed when you have a character that moves in the game instead of a cube.

We also encountered a bug with the camera during the testing of the game!


Here is a video of the Mech in action!!


Saturday fun with Night Node


After a week of hard work and fun you need to relax so we decided to get together at Crylar’s place. He has a lot of video games, so if you want to have friends over you should get yourself some. MowHammer made plenty of pizza for everyone!

So what games did we play?

  • Future cop LAPD
  • Tekken 3
  • Soul Calibur V
  • Guilty Gear X2
  • Armored Core 1 and 4
  • Castle Crashers
  • Spelunky

Here is a picture of how much fun we had =) Crylar’s girlfriend and sister also joined the Night Node fun.



A friend of ours found our videos very silent so he fixed that! Thanks Johan Kalén!

Project Gravity Update.

Oh hi!

We just finished our budget for the game and if we get the investment we need we can have the game ready in mars of 2014! On the development side we are working on the gravity elements of the game.There is a lot of math involved in that process. But it’s going great, thanks to both Crylar and Binarin who are really good at math ^_^

A minor update is that one of the harddrives on the GFX computer died 🙁 Our CTO Joxe gave his condolences.

But don’t worry we are still smiling.




The journey

Oh hi!

Wow it has been an amazing journey so far. We started out in Anton’s apartment working on a kitchen table trying to find some way to make this indie game studio to work.

ghetto office

Now thanks to Omnicore we have a real office to work from!

New Office


It was so cool to have the first prototype for the game done and having our Lead Designer Rasmus evaluate the prototype to see if this is the game that we are going to set into production.

And later on to see the game’s progress.