Going forward.

Hi there! I hope you all have enjoyed your summer! Here in Uppsala, Sweden, we are still enjoying some late summer weather with lots of sun. With the weather talk out of the way, here’s an update on what is going on at Night Node!


Right now we are working on creating the characters for our upcoming game, and we have gotten a lot of positive feedback on the style of the graphics (32bit). Our vision is to create a game inspired by the style of Playstation 1 games. This is the best part of the entire development process, everyone in the team is having a lot of fun right now! The last 10% of the game are the hardest ones, so we are really enjoying ourselves now and making the most of this time.


We are struggling with Ultimate Fight Manager at the moment, having a hard time getting the fighting aspect of the game working – and sorting out bugs. The fighters are not really acting the way we want them to, but we are working hard on fixing all of that. After these issues are solved, everything else should be easy to develop further.

That’s all from me at this time! I hope that the next time you hear from me I’ll have more characters to show you, and maybe even some levels and effects!