Night Node
Based in Uppsala, Sweden

Founding date:
October 27, 2013


Press / Business contact:


Bell Ringer
Orbital Gear
Ultimate Fight Manager 2016

Salagatan 16A
753 30
Uppsala SWEDEN

+4672 550 34 13


Night Node Software is an independant game development studio that create games for both PC and console. It was started by four former colleagues. To reach their full potential in their pursuit of developing great games they knew that creating their own studio was the way to go. They all shared the same vision, making games that they could be proud of.


Early history

What the four founders of Night Node Software have in common, apart from sharing employment at a former company, is the dream to develop great games. With the industry being plagued with get-rich-quick-attitudes and many studios aiming towards one-hit-wonders, the founders of Night Node Software: Mohammed Al-hasnawi, Rasmus Bergström, Anton Lindén and Joakim Clysén wanted to create a company that was in it for the long run. A company that could grow slow and steadily while simultaneously fill their desire of making great games. From that idea Night Node Software was created.

After that

With a couple of weeks working from home, office-surfing various locations, Night Node was finally able to get funding from Uppsala Municipality to get their own office. This gave Night Node the chance to work fulltime on their first born; Orbital Gear. With Night Node working fulltime on the project since November 2013, they had a comprehensive prototype for Orbital Gear ready in Mars 2014 and launched it on Steam Greenlight. After just 47 days it was Greenlit by users demand and ready for Steam. On August 8th 2014 it was released on Steam.



Bell Ringer Gameplay YouTube

Orbital Gear Launch Trailer YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (148)

There are far more images available for Night Node, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

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Awards & Recognition

  • "Develop 100 Europes most exciting game start-up." - 27 November, 2013
  • "Bona Postulata 2014" - Uppsala Sweden, 25 Mars, 2014

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Night Node's blog
Everything leading up to the release of Orbital Gear and more! nightnode.se.

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Rasmus Bergström
Artist, Game Designer, Founder

Anton Linden
Programmer, Founder

Joakim Clysén
Programmer, Founder

Johan Kalén
Sound Designer, Freelance

Carl Stålnäbb
3D artist

Marcus Herbertsson
VFX, Freelancer

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