News and Google!

Hey There! It’s me MowHammer! And I got some news for you peoples!


Started out really awkward! I had a meeting with a animation company called Cinematic to see if they wanted to make the Orbital Gear trailer. Bad communication led to them going to our office and me to their’s. Pro-tip for anyone that is setting up a meeting is to pick a location for the meeting, it makes everything so much simpler. But it turned out great. They headed back to Stockholm and we had ourselves a little fika (fika is something swedes do a lot!) they wanted to make the trailer for a nominal fee. Now we just have to get the contribution from Almi so we can pay for the trailer. Almi is a government funded organisation who helps companies with loans and contributions to help their company grow.

After the meeting with Cinematic we went to STHLM TECH MEETUP to find some investors. Unfortunately we had no luck there. It seems hard to find investors that want to invest in non-mobile games that doesn’t have a free-to-play model.  Everyone is looking for the next Candy Crush. Got a lot of free beers though ^_^


We had a meeting to set the feature list for the game 😀

Toca Boca Wednesday!

I came in to the office in time! Wohoo!! A friend of mine really wanted to try out Orbital Gear. Of course you can’t say no to a friend 😀 But he wanted to meet up really early! I was so sure that I would be late. But somehow I made it in time! Awesome!It seems like he really liked the game, which made coming in time to the office totally worth it. That day we found out that there was going to be a Unity3D meetup! There was only 3 spots left for the meetup so we acted fast! Me, Crylar and Binarin went there with a crappy laptop to show the game for everyone there. Toca Boca hosted the event and we gotta say wow. They rule big time! Amazing refreshments, awesome office and cool games! If you have the time you should really check out their games/toys. We saw some really cool things being presented on the meetup one of them was Shader Forge!It was still in alpha, but man it was cool. Get a look at it here —> (Shader Forge) awesome way to make beautiful shaders! Orbital Gear got some good feedback from the audience so we are very happy to have taken this opportunity to show our game.

Google Thursday!

So today was the big day that we have been waiting for! We had gotten an email from someone at Google about a possible a strategic partnership. He had read about us in Develop 100’s article, Most Exciting Start-Ups In Europe. After the meeting we were very pleased that they wanted to invest time and resources in us. When we asked him why he choose us, he said that he went with his gut feeling.


Is the future!




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