Finally, crazy planets

Hello people! Binarin here.

It seems Joxe is changing a lot in the network code (since we can’t play multiplayer right now). Joxe has also been sick for two days now. But I don’t wanna mess with his code so I’ve been working on the planets, as mentioned in my last post :3.

Joxe’s spot hasn’t been empty tho. Our sound guy, Johan, has been here. He’s making some sweet sounds for us. However, the sounds won’t be perfect until we get Unity Pro because Johan want to add low pass filters. Low pass filters will make the sounds sound good at a long distant, so you can hear it’s far away and not just decreased volume.

Speaking about Unity Pro, we need it for several features:

  • Low pass filter, as I just said.
  • Shader refractions. Crylar says he can make some really cool effects if he has those. Try search for “shader refractions” to see just how awesome it looks.
  • IK animations. So the mechs can aim their weapon when firing, and rest their feets on the planets as they stand or run.
  • Support for dll librarys. We need this to have weapons written in Lua so the players can make their own weapons :D. Right now we’re using a C# library that is very buggy, and many weapons are written directly in C# instead.
  • Importing assets in run time. This is something we most probably need to let players make assets for their weapons.

We’re currently looking into buying it, Mowhammer is on the job!

Like I said, I’ve been working on the non-round planets and they seem to be working now. The shape is made out of an array of Vector2, which can be edited from the inspector or can be imported from a mesh which was much easier to make than I thought. These planets also have a array of floats that states how long each position has to the first position in distance along the edges. This makes it much easier to quickly find where the player lands when it collides with the planet.

Skärmavbild 2013-11-28 kl. 15.11.33

Oh, and by the way. Can you see that the trails after the mech goes too low when it lands? That it looks very uneven? This is because Unity calls my OnTriggerEnter function one frame too late. If I look at it frame by frame I can see how it moves into the planet without getting a call and on the frame afterwards it is pushed up to stand on the surface. When I Google for it I find that this was a bug that was reported in February 2012. I guess they’re not planing to fix it for a while. Crylar has been complaining at me over this because it is more visible on these planets. If you have good eyes you can actually notice that something jerks as you land. Hmm, the work around to fix this might be tiresome…

Thanks for reading and stay hyped!


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