Greetings and salutations!

We haven’t posted anything in a while. So a lot has happened here at Night Node. We got our investment that we needed so we don’t starve to death! Yay! Great success. The development of the game has gone great! It looks like a alpha is in our sights now.

We also took a little field trip to Game On 🙂 Game On is the worlds largest exhibit of video games. We met up with Crylar’s and Binarin’s friend, Ilker, who is a very talented artist. Check out his work here

Here are some pictures from Game on

20131106_180625 20131106_180934 20131106_154651 20131106_170758 20131106_170842 20131106_174131


We have also acquired a sound guy 🙂 Johan Kalén will be assigned to bring pleasure to your ears. We have worked a little bit with him in the past and we are so happy that he could help us out for a nominal fee. You can check out his work on

As you can see our lead designer is overwhelmed with joy!